NCLCC聯盟的中文教學推展論壇發表會 全美中文學校聯合總會在今年美國外語教師學會(ACTFL)年會上參加了National Chinese Language and Culture Coalition (NCLCC)聯盟的中文教學推展論壇發表會。

NCLCC聯盟成立於2014年,由全美東亞語言資源中心主任 Galal Walker 教授促成。NCLCC聯盟由美國中小學教師學會 (CLASS K-12)、全美中文學校協會(CSAUS)、全美中文學校聯合總會(NCACLS)組成。其中全美總會與全美協會,代表了十六萬週末及課後學習中文的學生。三大組織經過一年多的研究討論,整合了美國主流教學界,與傳統華裔中文教學的力量,對全盤的規劃有所進展。在ACTFL年會上發表成果,主題為「Beginning a Dialogue with Our Fellow Americans」,以喚起美國大眾對中華語言文化的重視與支持。

The NCLCC Workshop in Columbus and Meetings in San Diego

The National Chinese Language and Culture Coalition (NCLCC) conducted a workshop at the Ohio State University from October 30 to November 1, 2015. The representatives of the Chinese Language Association of Secondary-elementary Schools (CLASS), Chinese Schools Association in the United States (CSAUS), and National Council of Associations of Chinese Language Schools (NCACLS)—the three major organizations devoted to K-12 Chinese language education—came to Columbus OH to write the Coalition’s Rationale and compile its Directory of resources.

After the productive and collaborative workshop in Columbus, the participants of NCLCC organized a forum entitled “Beginning to Dialog with Our Fellow Americans” at the 2015 ACTFL in San Diego. They held a planning session at the Convention Center Friday evening and conducted the forum on Saturday morning, November 21. This forum was hosted by Dr. Yulan Lin. Dr. Walker presented the introduction and conclusion, and the representatives of the three organizations, Baocai Jia of CLASS, Lorna Xing of CSAUS, and Wenling Lin of NCACLS, discussed the necessity, significance, and benefits for the Americans to include Chinese language and culture in our children’s educations.

(from left: Mark Zhang, Dali Tan, Baocai Jia, Mary Shuai, Yulan Lin, Steve Chang, Wenling Lin, Galal Walker, Theresa Chao, Carol Chen-Lin, Lucy Lee, Frank Parng, Hsiao-ling Mao Chin, Lorna Xing, Minru Li)
On Saturday morning, November 21, the NCLCC held a meeting to discuss the Coalition’s one-year work plan for 2016, hosted by Lorna Xing of CSAUS. 15 representatives attended the meeting. These representatives were also invited to attend luncheons organized by NCACLS on November 20, and CLASS oFacilitated by the NEALRC (National East Asian Languages Resource Center) at Ohio State University, the NCLCC was initiated in 2012 in Cincinnati at the CSAUS conference, and formed at the 2013 ACTFL in Orlando, FL. Supported by a Title VI Grant for Language Resource Centers, the NCLCC’s mission is to improve the ability of Americans to communicate in Chinese language and culture in order to strengthen the competitiveness of the United States and contribute to global harmony.

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